Katy Perry and Russell Brand split at the end of 2011, and since then, they’ve each moved out of the marital abode and into new digs. That’s not shocking, since they likely wanted to get away from the memories of their marriage and start fresh somewhere else, without any emotional baggage in terms of real estate. Brand moved out first and now, Perry is renting a crib in Hollywood to the tune of $8,500 a month.

While Perry, one of the richest pop divas working today, could easily plunk down a chunk of cash and own a home and can surely afford a mortgage, she could be renting while plotting her next more permanent move. She’s young, she’s rich, she’s famous and she can do as she wishes.

Curbed reports that the ‘Wide Awake’ songbird and GHD pitchwoman has moved into a three-bedroom rental at the infamous Colonial House, situated in West Hollywood. The building was once the residence of Old Hollywood stars like Cary Grant and Bette Davis, so maybe Perry will get some sort of cosmic inspiration from the location for her next album.

A one-bedroom in the building goes for over $3,000, so Perry is shacking up in a tony, exclusive haunt. It’s not like any Katy Cats will be able to move in and stalk her.

Check out the pool and what the floor plan of these abodes are like! Swanky, right? Or swaggy, if we wanna use a Bieber term.






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