It’s easy to see how celebrities touch our lives on a daily basis, but it’s a little rarer to see how much us fans touch them. Thanks to the Internet, witnessing those moments is easier than ever before. We’re highlighting two of the most touching videos that we’ve seen recently of celebrities interacting with fans. Take a look and then decide: Who has the sweeter fan video, Justin Bieber or Bruno Mars?

The video of Justin Bieber singing ‘Baby’ with a young Belieber went viral within hours of being posted online — as is the power of the Biebs, and the power of the cutest 4-year-old ever. In the vid, Justin leans out of his car to pick up tiny Hayley, who’s wearing the most precious pink dress and matching bow. When he tells her “it’s way past your bedtime, little one,” she explains she was waiting up to sing to him! Watching her break out into JB’s hit ‘Baby’ and having him join in is so sweet you just might cry.

Watch Justin Bieber Sing 'Baby' With a 4-Year-Old Fan

How many artists can say they helped a fan recover from a near-fatal accident? Probably not many, and that is only one way in which this Bruno Mars video is so incredible. Eleven-year-old Zumyah Thorpe was in a tragic car accident with a drunk driver, leading to the death of her pregnant mother and two younger sisters. Doctors were concerned Zumyah’s resulting brain injury meant she would never speak again, but amazingly, they discovered during her recovery that she could sing every word of her favorite Bruno song. When he heard Zumyah’s story, he gave her the royal fan treatment, including serenading her with her favorite tune, ‘Just the Way You Are.’ There are no ifs or maybes about this video — you will definitely cry!

Watch Bruno Mars Serenade an 11-Year-Old Fan With a Brain Injury

Once you’ve dried up all of your tears and thrown out your used tissues, it’s time to make the tough decision. Though both Justin and Bruno’s videos are undoubtedly touching, there can only be one winner. So whose fan video is the sweetest? Cast your vote below!

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