The side of TikTok nicknamed "Leztopia" is once again in shambles after JoJo Siwa's breakup with her ex-girlfriend Avery Cyrus, a social media influencer.

The two dated for a few months before allegedly calling it quits while aboard a recent cruise.

Now, on Dec. 20, Siwa posted a shady video to her TikTok account alluding to a mysterious "unplanned hookup" and insinuating that Cyrus used her for the attention.

"But I love you why are you breaking up with me??!!" the captions in the video read, seemingly implying the line was meant to represent Cyrus, while Siwa lip-synced to an audio.

"There's someone else," she interjected from a different angle as herself in the conversation.

Then, "You told one of my best friends that you were excited to be dating me [because] you're 'growing your career and wanna get to the top,'" she claimed, implying that Cyrus made that statement to a friend in regards to dating Siwa.

Notably, Siwa has over 45 million followers on TikTok alone.

"And when I said I just wanted to be friends so I didn’t lead you on after an unplanned hookup you wanted nothing to do with me because there was nothing to gain anymore," Siwa captioned the entire video.

The video comes days after Siwa was seen on her mom, Jessalynn Siwa's, Instagram Stories ranting about being "used" for "views and clout" online.

"I got trick into being told I was loved and I got f---ing played," Siwa said in the Story.

The rant was seemingly sparked by Cyrus appearing in a video on TikTok with her ex, fellow influencer Soph Mosca, following her breakup with Siwa.

Cyrus was the one to announce the breakup online, saying, "We decided that we are better off as friends! We are both so young and still just trying to figure our stuff out!"

She also gave a statement to E! News that said, "From my perspective me and JoJo left on great terms and are still friends. The relationship was very real, and I have nothing but love for JoJo and her family. I'm still very hurt that JoJo broke up with me and I'm saddened and confused by the situation."

Fans have been fascinated by the whirlwind romance and subsequent breakup, as one person said on Twitter, "Who isn’t invested in the jojo avery soph drama is lying cause at this point it’s too entertaining to not be invested."

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