They are still not giving up on the other eggs hatching; The parents are still taking turns sitting on the eggs, so we shall see if any of the other eggs will produce a brother or sister to the newborn.

You can rewind the LIVE footage to 5-21-24 at 9:52:06 to see the Eyass (the real term for a baby falcon). The Eyass seems to be very active and healthy, so we can only hope that at least one more egg will hatch.

Last year, both surviving eggs hatched on the same day; which makes me feel a little overwhelmed since no other eggs have hatched at this point.

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I missed the date that the Eyasses actually fled the nest last year, so I'll try to keep a closer eye on the nest this year for that as well.



Eyasses are covered in white down when they are born, and it is slowly replaced with feathers over a 3 week period of time. It is at that point that biologists will typically band the babies legs and take blood samples for identification and historical purposes.


If you'd like to learn why Peregrine baby falcons are banded, you can watch the video below on how they band them, and see how fuzzy they are. The babies are not very aggressive at their young age, so it's fairly easy to band them.

You can continue to watch the nest on the DNR FalconCam by clicking HERE now.


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