John Mayer is not one to let his reputation be ruined by a song an ex wrote about him. No ma'am. He's going to stoop to a different level and do the same back, but add some "spark" to the mix.

John Mayer released a new single called "Paper Doll" yesterday and there are two reasons why you must check it out!

One: The video for it features the lady from that "Prancercise" video that made the rounds online a few weeks ago. If you missed the original, it's a woman showing off a ridiculous workout she came up with called "Prancercising", click here to check it out.

Two: "Paper Doll" also gives Taylor Swift a little taste of her own medicine. It references her 2010 song "Dear John", which is about their brief relationship. And it's fairly obvious. "Paper Doll" includes the lyric, "Someone's gonna paint you another sky," while "Dear John" had the lyric, "You paint me a blue sky, and go back and turn it to rain." And in the chorus, John sings, "You're like 22 girls in one / and none of them know what they're running from." Referencing her song "22".

They say, write what you know, and real life is what we all know. Whatever sells songs and albums. It's obviously worked for Taylor. Sorta happy someone turned the tables on Taylor and threw her under the bus.

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