Like everybody else either at or watching the Academy Awards, Jim Rash couldn’t help but notice that Angelina Jolie was spending an awful lot of time flaunting her right leg through a slip in her gown.

Rash, who is known for playing Dean Pelton on ‘Community,’ was at the award show because he had been nominated for a Best Adapted Screenplay Oscar for his work on ‘The Descendants’ along with Alexander Payne and Nat Faxon.

It was Jolie who presented that award. And when the trio won, Rash put his Oscar on his hip and then began impulsively mocking Jolie’s leg thrust. Payne and Faxon then followed suit in imitating Jolie.

‘It was just an impulse,” Rash told the Washington Post. “I hope it was okay. I hope she thought it was okay. It was a loving tribute.”

Rash wasn’t the only one who used Jolie’s pose for parody. A Twitter page Angelina Jolie’s Leg was also born last night, and quickly accumulated over 10,000 followers with Tweets such as “I am a leg.”

Some are suggesting Jolie’ing could be the new Tebowing. If it is, Rash will be partially to thank. (Or blame.) Check out more photos of Rash’s Angelina pose below.

Jim Rash oscars
Jim Rash Oscars

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