Jim Carrey is hands down my favorite male actor. I am laughing in my head like a crazy lady thinking of all the movies he has done. "Dumb & Dumber" is one of those that I watch on a yearly basis. Just when we get our hopes up for a sequel, things dwindle down to nothing.

Back in February, one of the writers of the original movie, Bobby Farrelly, had this to say about a sequel,

"Dumb and Dumber has run a bunch of times on TV in the states, and kids will come up and they’ll be able to quote lines from that – lines that I’ve long forgotten. If we could get those two guys back together, Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels that might be a worthwhile sequel – and that ball is in motion. We’re starting to think about what those two dimwits would be doing twenty-years later in life, and hopefully we’ll be able to come up with something worthy of a sequel."

Sounds like a few months ago everything was good to go to see Lloyd Christmas and Harry Dunne twenty years down the road. If these two characters could make it in life they way they were, surely we can survive too! Something happened from then to now because Jim pulled the plug on the movie "because he thinks the studio heads were showing a 'lack of enthusiasm' for it." So the writers were on board and the actors, but the studio wasn't all that excited. I'm wondering why they can't bring the movie to a different studio?!?! Without Jim, Jeff Daniels says the movie is a no go.

Lets relive Llyod and Harry shall we?! Here are some of my favorite clips from the original!

Mocking Bird

Wrong Way

G'day Mate

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