After more than three months since Jessie J‘s single ‘Domino’ impacted airwaves, the British songstress has finally unveiled the vibrant clip for the upbeat dance-pop song. Back in October, fans were buzzing about a live video that was released for ‘Domino,’ and now Ms. J has revealed the final product for the official video.

The video opens with Jessie J in front of a dark green background that moves and changes with the beat. Wearing a dark green jacket with fringed sleeves and her signature sleek hairstyle, Jessie J sings the opening verses of the songs with animated expressions and simple dance movements that lend a fuzzy, bubbly visual effect to the heartwarming quality of the love song.

Throughout the ‘Domino’ clip, Jessie J wears a variety of different eccentric and colorful ensembles, from a black bra and sexy pink leather suit covered in dog bones to a bedazzled dress and jeweled face adornments. Jessie also sports a ghetto fab look a la her ‘Do It Like a Dude’ video and encrusted lips like the ones she rocked in videos like ‘Price Tag.’

Overall, the visual is all about the clothes, color and Jessie J’s vivacious character. She is a ball of joy as she sings in front of a series of bright and mobile backgrounds, wearing day glow colors and bright wigs to reflect the happy song. Even though it’s a track about a girl falling for a boy, Jessie J doesn’t need a male co-star in order to produce a fun, lighthearted video for the love song. It’s all about her, and we’re just fine with that!

Watch the Jessie J ‘Domino’ Video