When it comes time to pick out an outfit for the day or evening, let's just admit that nine times out of ten it's the women helping the men. But when it comes to Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake it's the other way around.

Jessica sat down with InStyle, where she is the cover gir,l and says that when she gets dressed in the morning, she asks for Justin's "approval".  And often he will shake his head in disapproval and helps her pick a more appropriate outfit.

Justin also picked out Jessica's engagement ring without any input from her. And it's all because she admits that he has better style!

"I had no say whatsoever [in the ring].  I don't micromanage.  He is fearless in his choices and has a real eye for design.  And I'll be honest:  He has better taste than I do."

I love that she can let her man help her out when it comes to fashion and admit that he has better taste. And for a man to do his own ring shopping, with no help is impressive! I know it was 'just a T.V. show' but when Aidan picked out Carrie's engagement ring on "Sex and the City" it was hideous, nothing wrong with asking for help on the most important ring in a woman's life.

Justin is a well dressed man, as long as we forget the demi outfit that he and Britney Spears wore to the 2001 American Music Awards. Maybe that was Brit's idea and Justin just agreed.

Who helps you pick out your outfits? Spouse? Friends? Yourself? I go for the mom approval. She doesn't hold anything in. If I don't look good, she will tell me!

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