Celebrities are known to name their kids with "different" types of names. Some of them even come with stories. Like Harper Seven Beckham. Well Jessica Alba is sharing the story on how she named her daughter Haven. It's actually kind of gross.

Jessica says,

"When I delivered Haven she was born still inside the amniotic sac, which is rare. The doctor grabbed the nurse and said:  'Look at this!'  I was in the middle of pushing and he told me to hold on a minute and not to push!  He was wearing basketball shorts and a T-shirt and said:  'Oh I have to get my scrubs on for this!' The sac burst on its own after she came out.  It was a trip. When I was in recovery we still hadn't chosen her name.  [My husband] Cash picked her up and said she came into the world in her 'safe haven' and it clicked right then for both of us."

Interesting needless to say. But also unique!

I was actually going to be named Kelly. But, my mother knew a newborn named Kelly who got really sick and didn't make it. I gotta say they did a good job on picking Jade.  Except I can never find little trinkets with my name on it!

Do you have a story on your name? What about your own children? Feel free to share your story below!

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