Earlier this month, Jennifer Love Hewitt was on Ellen and admitted to having a crush on Maroon 5 front man and Voice judge Adam Levine.  Then last week, Adam told Ellen he heard about her comments and thought it was quote, "Aggressive".  He did continue to say "It was really sweet and flattering" and it seemed Adam was intrigued by the idea of J-Love crushing on him.

I see nothing wrong with a women seeing something or somebody she wants and going for it!  I'm reading different media blogs about how she should act "like a lady" and not say things like that on national TV?  What?????  I applaud her for having the guts to say whats on her mind and be real :) Even Adam's co-star on The Voice Carson Daly said it makes sense for them to "get together".  Carson use to date Jennifer Love back in the day and said quote "She's got good taste".

You go J-Love!!!