From the front Jennifer Aniston looks stunning, at least I think so anyway. From the back though . . . that is a different story.

Miss Jen was on the red carpet for the premier of her Lifetime movie, "Call Me Crazy," and wow'd the crowd with her simple look until people noticed some odd white circular markings on her back. Now Jen doesn't seem like the type to be into any risque kind of play, but you never know.

So what were the marks from? Cupping. Jen tried cupping and tried to cover up the red marks with concealer, but that didn't work because it didn't match her skin tone. Oops!

What is cupping you ask? Cupping is a Chinese form of alternative medicine designed to promote circulation. It uses small glass bulbs that are heated and then placed on the skin to create suction which leaves red marks on the skin for several days after treatment. So heads up, if you are going on a nice formal dinner date and have a backless top, don't do cupping until AFTER the date!

Click here to see her failed attempt at covering the marks.

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