In what has to be the oddest family vacation news in Hollywood; the "Sun" tabloid says that when Jay-Z finishes his tour with Kanye West and when Chris Martin's tour is done with Coldplay, they are taking a family vacation together. But, that's not the odd part...

The boys, plus Beyoncé and Blue Ivy and Gwyneth Paltrow, and their two kids, will be driving around Florida in a Winnebago!!!!! Gwynnibago is what they are apparently calling this vacation.

"Both Chris and Jay have been on intense world tours so they really need a break. Gwyneth and Beyoncé think the jaunt, going back to nature on a high-end Winnebago, will be the ideal getaway."

When I think of a Winnebago, I think of the motor home that my neighbor has parked in his front yard that hasn't moved in almost two years because it doesn't work. It's yellow and rusted, wheels are missing, and I don't even think the thing has working air conditioning.

Not that I couldn't picture the four of them plus the kids in a "high-end" Winnebago, it's the fact that they will be driving all over Florida. Why would they not take the money and stay at a lavish hotel? Beyoncé without her hair and makeup crew, Gwyneth without her yoga instructor. Not to say this is beneath them, but come one. Can you really see this happening? I don't even think I would want to drive around Florida in a Winnebago. If I had the money I would be in Miami staying at the hottest hotel and basking on the beach. You would think the guys would be over traveling after their tour.

What do you think? Bey and Jay plus Chris and Gwyneth in a Winnebago for a road trip, is this really going to happen?

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