I mentioned earlier this week that I would share with you my beginning and current weight. This is not so people tell me congratulations or that I look great, it's meant for motivation for others.

I often see Before and After photos but they never say how tall they are, what their beginning weight was or what they weighed in their after photo. It's always, they lost ## pounds. I know we are not supposed to compare ourselves to others, but it just a good reminder that ### pounds looks different on me than it would someone with shorter legs, wider hips. I see the "guess who weighs this much" pictures or the ones dealing with pant size, and shocking they all weight the same, or have the same pant size.

I highly encourage you to take a before picture, write down your beginning measurements and weight. Every so often take another photo, do your measurements again. Even though you may not be seeing a difference in the scale, the inches could still be coming off. Remember, you see yourself everyday and always look at the flaws, others see us less often (not in the nude) and don't judge us for "flabby" skin they can't see!

Keep going and know that you will accomplish your goals. This is only a chapter in your book of life. The weight won't come off overnight. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication, but have faith knowing that you will reach your goals if you keep going!

So, (gulp) now is the time I share the numbers on the scale. Only myself and my trainer know how much I weigh. This is hard to do, but you know what, if it helps inspire or motivate someone to get healthy, then this moment is well worth it! Here is my before and what I currently look like going to the gym, after my work out!

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First off, I'm 5'9", my before weight was 227.8 pounds, and I wore a size 18. Today I weigh 178.8 and wear a size 12. I've come along way, there is no turning back. I've lost a total of 49 pounds since January 9th, 2013 and since I last measured (two weeks ago) I've lost a total of 29 inches. The bottom line, once you start something like getting healthier, DON'T STOP!! You may go an entire month without losing a pound, but think of how strong you are becoming not only physically, but mentally as well!

On days you don't think you can, here is a video that says . . . you can and at any age!

Cheers to good health!