Superstars Jennifer Lopez and Enrique Iglesias were greeted by a very enthusiastic crowd at the Target Center last night.  Spanish crossover artist Frankie J opened the show, with a twenty minute set that included his debut hit "Don't Wanna Try" and the Billboard Top 5 smash "Obsession (No Es Amor)."  Frankie set the tone, for what was sure to be a very long night, full of surprises and endless dance music.

Prior to Enrique's set, my family and I went backstage to visit with the Latin heartthrob.  My wife Tracy was recently diagnosed with cancer and this meeting was certainly a bright spot, in what's been a very dark couple of months.  Enrique shared with us some personal stories on how cancer has touched his own family and couldn't have been more sensitive to Tracy's situation.  He asked about her course of treatment and what the doctors have planned next for her.

I lost count at twenty, that's how many hugs and kisses Enrique planted on my wife over the course of our visit.  A normal husband would be jealous at this point, but his genuine personality and awesome sense of humor make that almost impossible.  Now lets not kid ourselves here, my wife didn't mind any of those public displays of affection, and I'm sure at one point, was hoping I would step away for a few minutes LOL.

We said our goodbye's but not before Tracy could sneek in another hug and kiss.  Oh and lets not forget my six year old, who also noticed just how attractive this guy is.  She wasn't going to let her mommy be the only one getting so much attention from him.  He was very sweet to Macy and even sang a duet with her.  They rocked the chorus of his smash hit "Tonight (I'm Loving You."  Follow Enrique on Twitter or visit his official website.

We made our way up the elevator to the arena, but not before the nice folks at the Target Center upgraded our seats.  We were put in the perfect place to catch all the action and be able to sit comfortably, without anyone on top of us.  Enrique opened the show with "Tonight" and blasted through his catalog of hits including "Be With You" and "I Like It" without missing a beat.  He once again showed that awesome personality by going into the crowd numerous times throughout his set, to take pictures, kiss the ladies and even prop up all the guys in attendance.  At one point in the show, he brought two guys from the crowd on stage and had them do a karaoke version of the Rod Stewart classic, "Do Ya Think I'm Sexy", complete with a dance routine and a couple of falls on the cat walk.

After Enrique finished his set, all the woman (and some of the men) needed a break, to collect themselves and relax before J-Lo hit the stage.  It took about (45) minutes to switch out the stage and have it ready for Ms. "Jenny from the Block."  When you think of an entertainer, I want you now to think of Jennifer Lopez.  She may not have the strongest vocals, but what she lacks in that department, she certainly makes up with stunning good looks and amazing choreography.

Her set was laced with one hit after another, including the old school songs "Ain't That Funny, "I'm Real" and the new single "Goin In" with Flo-Rida.  She was very fan friendly and on many occasions, took time to let "Minneapolis" know just how much she loved and appreciated them for their support over the years.  Her costumes and wardrobe matched every song she belted out.  At one point, the front part of the stage become a boxing ring, complete with a referee, trainers and two of her dancers acting out a Vegas type boxing match.  The most touching point of her performance for me, was when she dedicated one of her slower songs to her children and as she sang, a video montage of private moments with them played on a giant screen above her. Follow Jennifer on Twitter or visit her official website.

I'm so glad we made this show apart of our "Mix Summer Concert Series" and I'm absolutely certain, our winners (courtesy of our friends at Fuji) enjoyed themselves and left the show wanting more!  If you get the chance to catch any of these entertainers, I urge you to go!!  You won't be disappointed!! Maybe just a bit tired from all the dancing and singing you will do (don't try fighting it)..its virtually impossible, just ask my feet and throat.

P.S. Enrique did let us in on a secret...He does have new music coming out and one song he is very excited about, is a collaboration with Boston Bad Boy, Sammy Adams.

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