Have you noticed a new surcharge on your larger internet delivery orders yet?

Starting this week, it costs a little more to have some internet purchases delivered to you.

A new state law tacks-on a 50-cent fee on purchases of $100 or more.


As we shift more and more into an e-commerce economy, state lawmakers passed this retail delivery fee in the 2023 legislative session to help pay for the wear-and-tear on our roads from all those delivery vehicles.

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According to the new law that went into effect Monday, July 1st, the money will go to a new transportation advancement account.

How will it be distributed?

-- 36% to metropolitan counties with a new formula-based allocation;
-- 27% to small cities, distributed under the small cities assistance program;
-- 15% to larger cities under a new account established in the law;
-- 11% to town roads;
-- 10% to the county state-aid highway fund; and
-- 1% to support food delivery programs such as Meals on Wheels.

There are some exceptions to the 50-cent charge.

While it DOES including clothing, it does NOT apply to prepared food, baby products, drugs, utilities, items for resale and electronically-delivered items like computer software.

Retailers with less than $1-million in annual sales will won't have to pass along the fee. Also exempt -- marketplace providers when faciliting the sale of a retailer that made less than $100,000 in retail sales the previous calendar year through the marketplace provider.

Also exempt -- "marketplace providers" who facilitate the sales of less than $100,000 for a smaller retailer.

This applies to deliveries of $100 or more even if you're getting free shipping.

The fee was part of the 2023 transportation finance and policy law.

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