Another movie will begin filming in Minnesota later this summer and a casting call has been announced. The roles are all paid, and some do require nudity.

Not only are producers looking to cast the film, but they are also hiring several crew member positions, all of which are paid.

The name of the movie is titled 'Selkiss', and there are not a lot of other details available right now. However, based on the role descriptions, it's a mermaid story featuring a cast that is mostly young adults.

'Selkiss' Casting Call

The movie is filming in the Duluth area and below is the casting call for the film, with character names, descriptions, and role requirements as posted by producers:

  • Selkiss (Female, 20-26): A bubbly, folksy mermaid who falls in love easily. Must be able to swim with a mermaid tail, not necessarily for a long time. Topless nudity is required.
  • Mandy (Female, 18-25): Your typical college party girl
  • Derrick (Male, 20-26): A little unattractive with low self-esteem. He wants to be loved but he may be his own worst enemy. The actor must be able to sing moderately well. Mild nudity is required.
  • Jillian (Female, 20-30): A down-to-earth- professional with an optimistic outlook on life. Topless nudity is required.  
  • Alex (Any gender, 30-40): Tough and impatient professional.
  • Gonzo (Any gender, 20-26): Effortlessly cool musician type. Ability to play guitar preferred, but not required. Gonzo is attracted to women, regardless of what gender is cast.

Producers Are Also Hiring Crew Members

'Selkiss' producers are also hiring the following crew positions:

  • Location Manager
  • Production Manager
  • Script Supervisor
  • Production Assistant
  • Key Grip
  • Gaffer
  • Assistant Camera
  • Sound Recorder
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All roles and positions are paid and filming is expected to begin in late summer, 2024. Those interested in auditioning for a role or joining the crew should email

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