I was watching a new episode on Netflix's 'UnXplained with William Shatner' that dealt with immortality. This show is pretty over-the-top, but it's fun to watch. William Shatner is the perfect host for some of these absurd claims. Still, the episodes get you thinking.

The episode 'Secrets of the Immortals' mentions cryonics. That's the act of freezing someone indefinitely until technology and medicine find a way to cure whatever killed them. As the episode explains, there hasn't been a successful case yet where a human has been brought back to life. But that doesn't mean someday the technology won't be available. So maybe keep that body on ice for a while longer?

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That got me thinking. Is there any business or medical facility that does this in Minnesota? So, I started down a rabbit hole and found a surprising answer. Yes, it may be possible to freeze your dead body in Minnesota with cryonics. 

There's actually a group called Minneapolis Cryonics Rapid Response. Their goal is to quickly stabilize a cryonicist's body following death and get it transported quickly to a low-temperature long-term storage facility located in either Arizona or Michigan. There currently is no facility in Minnesota, but having a plan in place for transportation is an option.

Has it been done yet?

It actually has been done. A GoFundMe page was set up for a man named Henry who wished to be frozen after his declared death. People donated to help Henry, and an update to his GoFundMe page says that he entered 'suspension' on October 17, 2021.


You can still donate to help the cause. Maybe someday we will see Hank's smiling face again.

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There's a company called Alcor that has been working with cryonics since the 1970s. They currently have 222 patients frozen waiting for a potential revival someday.

Aclor Cryonics YouTube
Aclor Cryonics YouTube

What does it cost?

It's not cheap. For a whole-body suspension, a minimum of $220,000 in life insurance is required. If you'd like to just freeze your brain it will only cost $80,000. That's a bargain, right?

So if you've wondered about freezing your body after you die, trying to cheat death, it is possible in Minnesota. If you want to learn more you can reach out to Minnesota Cryonics Rapid Response.

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