You think guys sweat a lot at the gym, you haven't been proposed to yet.

I proposed to Brittany last September, 7th with a bunch of friends around for what she thought was just a night out. Everybody started showing up and my good friends from Granite Falls, MN, who helped me out with getting the ring, got to the house with the ring and I instantly started to drip.

When I finally got to the proposal, that basically is blur in my head (because I so nervous) I was dripping sweat! I was so hot, I had to go sit in the house with the a/c on for a while... it took sometime for me to get my self back together. The guys in these videos were way more calm and thought of cool ways to propose. I was so nervous I forgot to say "will you marry me"... I just showed her the ring and froze, but I eventually got it out.


Then, there's this guy who makes all other guys, like me, look awful.