Mr. Bean and Sampson. Best Friends...and best enemies...depending on the time of day. These two pets are the most current in a long line of loving pets in our history. The love that animals provide lasts forever. Can you remember your first pet? How much they meant to you? Today is a day to pamper your pets, and remember those you've had in the past that gave you so much love.

Below, Drew holds Mr. Bean when he first moved back to Minnesota. They've been big buddies ever since.

Kelly Cordes

How do you celebrate with your pet today? Take them on a extra long walk, give them a special treat. Spend a little more time with them. Take a photo and share it.

Mike Hunn with Sampson

Almost all households in the US have at least one pet, with dogs being the most popular, slightly over cats. But pets can be reptiles, birds, fish...whatever you love the most, make sure to pamper them just a little bit more today.

Kelly Cordes

Sampson is now 2 almost 2 years old. But once upon a time, he was just slightly bigger than Mr. Bean, our cat.

Kelly Cordes

Mr. Bean joined our family shortly after we moved back to Minnesota. We remember he was our Christmas present that first year. We almost lost him earlier this year, and he pulled through. As of today, he's happy, healthy, and definitely the boss.

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