I'm getting married on Friday--reality is finally starting to settle in!! Last night my fiance and I went over all of the final wedding touches and we both think we're finally ready to do this!

Today is my last day on the midday show as Ashli Gerdes. Next time you hear from me, I'll be Ashli Overlund! That's going to take some getting used to!

I'm both nervous and extremely excited for my big day! I hope that everything runs smoothly on Friday--but even if it doesn't, I'm just happy to be marrying my best friend.

I want to sincerely thank all of the Mix listeners for the advice you've given me during this whole process. You've helped me find a photographer, pick out a florist and you even helped me decided how I should style my hair for the big day.

I can't wait to share all of the details of my big day with you! Have a happy Thanksgiving and I'll see you again Nov. 28th!!

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