I know it's weird, but I haven't thrown up since 4th grade. This year marks my 19th anniversary of being puke free. If you're a fan of the 90's sitcom show Seinfeld, you might remember that character Jerry Seinfeld had a similar no puke streak. So, I know I'm not the only person keeping track of things like this. You may be wondering how I know the exact date AND time I last puked...well, it was traumatic for someone who hates throwing up and it was the night before my parent's anniversary...SO, it happened around an important date which helps me remember.

I hate throwing up more than anyone--I think you could say I even have a phobia of it. I'm not sure why I've been so lucky. I've had a few close encounters over the years. There are a few things that I do that might contribute to keeping me puke free.

Here are some of my 'puke free' life tips. (LOL yes, I'm being dead serious)

  • I keep hand sanitizer on my key chain because I never know when I'll encounter something 'suspect'.
  • I always use the cart wipes at the store...ALWAYS
  • I wash my hands ever time I use the bathroom AND use sanitizer
  • I try not to touch my eyes, nose and mouth if my hands haven't been freshly washed and sanitized...that's how the germs get in...(my mom's a nurse)
  • I only eat meat if I've temped it first. I never just guess if it's done.
  • I avoid sick people. This one seems like a no brainer!
  • I never eat anything that looks suspicious. If it seems bad, I feed it to the trash.
  • I don't drink in excess...because, too much alcohol could make me puke.

You can call me crazy, but hey, you can't argue with a 19 year streak. Whatever I'm doing seems to be working. How long is your longest streak? Here's to hoping I make it to year 20!

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