The S’mores on Monday were good, the eggs on Tuesday were horrible but yesterday I baked cookies in my car and they were awesome! This is definitely the trick you should pull out the next time the temperatures soar to 95 degrees.

I mixed up a batch of snickerdoodle cookie dough but, really, any cookie would work. If you’re concerned about the health safety of your cookies, just find a recipe for eggless cookies – there are lots of them out there. I usually disregard safety and I’m still alive if that proves anything.

Park your car in a sunny spot in the morning, set your tray of raw cookies on the dash and wait. A black cookie sheet works really well for collecting extra heat and I did press my dough a little flat to give the cookies some help. You’ll be surprised at how hot it gets in there!

I left my cookies to bake for about 4 hours but it’s not rocket science. Take them out when they look done and impress your coworkers with your car-baked cookies.