The Office is quite possibly my favorite show of all time.

No matter my mood, it's always the perfect show to watch again. My wife and I have often sat down at the end of a great day to laugh at the ridiculous antics of the Dunder Mifflin crew. Likewise, at the end of a difficult or emotionally-draining day, we've watched back-to-back episodes of The Office to cheer back up. Without fail Michael Scott and his cast of barely-working hooligans have been there for us.

Come January 2021, however, The Office will be a little harder to watch.

According to a statement Tuesday, NBC will be reclaiming everyone's favorite hit comedy series as it launches its own streaming service in 2020.

According to NBC, Netflix offered to pay $90 million a year to keep the Dunder Mifflin crew, but their offer was rejected; NBC topped the offer at $100 million a year.

You may wonder why this comes as heavy or disappointing news. After all, The Office isn't going away for good.

True. However, with so many streaming options already available -- from Netflix to Amazon Prime, Hulu to Youtube TV -- it's becoming harder and more expensive to watch all the shows we love.

Right now, our Netflix and Amazon Prime accounts offer plenty -- too many, actually -- of movie and television options. As much as we love The Office, we just don't need one more paid streaming service in our lives.

All that to say, 17 months should be enough time to re-watch all 9 seasons of The Office, right?

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