Someone cue to music! It's finally the deer hunting opener in Minnesota. But, I think someone forgot to tell Mother Nature because she served up a heap of weird vibes.

The weather forecast is calling for temperatures in the low 70s this weekend. You don't have to be a deer hunter to know that wearing your blaze orange snowsuit probably isn't going to pan well for'll be melting faster than a snow cone during a 4th of July parade.

Be prepared for a weird hunting weekend. Here's what you need to know.

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1. Leave your handwarmers and gloves at home. Instead, you'll want to make sure you've got an ice pack for your cooler.

2. Ditch the heavy jacket and grab a blaze orange t-shirt or light hoodie. If you don't have one, I'd get one, like, now. Everyone is going to be rushing to the store because they probably aren't prepared for 70 degrees either.

3. You probably don't want to wear your snow boots. Figure out good footwear for walking that won't make you overheat.

4. The deer stands are going to smell pretty foul between the deer pee spray and sweat. Be prepared for it.

5. If you're up north in hunting territory and plan on taking a nice stroll through the woods this weekend because the weather is beautiful...wear your blaze orange.

6. If you think it's hot, so do the deer. According to Field And Stream, bucks don't usually move around as much when the temps are warmer. They get lazy like we do. You'll probably be more successful when the sun starts to go down.

7. Look for the water supply. Obviously with warmer weather, the deer will be trying to quench their thirst.

8. Bugs will definitely be an issue that isn't typically there. Spiders, ticks, nats...the whole dang bug family. Prepare for it.

9. Tracking is going to be a lot harder without the snow.

10. It'll take your mind off the election. Even if it's a hunting season with weird vibes, just enjoy the comradery with your fellow hunters and leave the world's problems behind for a weekend.

Happy hunting season!


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