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Let me tell you a little bit about my beautiful Great Dane, Sampson. Sampson spends a lot of his time alone. When he's not alone, he's with me, and my boys. He's not put in a kennel during the day, so he has complete rule of the house. He protects it; he protects us; He protects Mr. Bean our cat. Whoever lives in our house, or is friends with us, is okay in Sams book.

However, if you've never been to my house; it's a different story. If you are a stranger close to his fenced in yard, you better beware. His bark alone is enough to make anyone jump. He's loud and protective. I actually was getting a little worried that he might get aggressive with a stranger.

So I reached out to Cory at Off Leash K9 Training. Before we met Cory, Sampson would lead the way on walks. He would run off and not come back til he was ready. He would growl and bark loudly at strangers and at friends that would visit. The video below is session number 3. We were trying to teach him how to place. At this point we've already taught him how to sit when called upon. He was distracted at this early point but the passing dog.

Kelly Cordes/Youtube

Kelly Cordes/Youtube


Training is for both owner and pet. I've learned so much about dog behavior vs. people behavior from Cory. I've also learned that "shock" collars are not really SHOCK collars. They are more like an aggravation when used properly; and I say that to tell you; A person who uses a collar to train, needs to be trained before they use it.

My dog would NEVER have been able to be without a leash at Lake George. But after just four hours of training, he listens...he can stay, speak, heal, place...He's not as scared of people and animals as he used to be. I've learned so much!


If you are looking for a great trainer, I highly recommend Cory at Off Leash k9 Training. He's down to earth...He loves animals...He understands dogs, and will help you understand the cues you're sending to your dog. Every dog owner could benefit!

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