Honestly, not sure how I feel about this thing "watching over" the Midtown Global Market in Minneapolis.  But, there it is, and I do mean "IT" of sorts.  Like the creepy clown from the movie.  Or at least a version of that.

Midtown Global Market website
Midtown Global Market website


This... this "thing" needs a name.  And the Midtown Global Market is taking name submissions from the public.

From Bring Me the News: 

"IT", created by multidisciplinary artist Gustavo Boada, is not scary, Midtown Global Market writes, unconvincingly. Rather, we're told "IT" represents an "old, friendly northern snow creature rumored to be more than 200 years old." 

The look on this creature as "old and friendly" is a little lost on me if I'm being honest.  But how would you look if you were 200 years old?  So, there is that.  But I do like the idea that someone or something is watching over the area.  It's kind of a neat story to tell about the legend of the Northern Snow Creature.  Although, it also brings up the abominable snow monster from Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. 

So, what is this contest about?  Submissions on the name are now open until 10pm this coming Sunday.  You can go to this website and submit the name that you think this creature should have.  The prize is a $100 to use at the Midtown Global Market.

The Market will select five name finalists to be voted on in-person and online December 11 through December 17.  Midtown Global Market will announce the winning name of its new resident on Monday, December 18. The person who submitted the name will win a $100 Midtown Global Market gift card.  

What would you name him?  Got a good one?  Try it out - nothing to lose, and maybe $100 to gain.

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