Santa's Ultimate Gift Card is your ticket to over $2,700 in certificates. The contest ends this Thursday! People have been asking me how to increase their chances of winning. We'll I've sat and thought about this long and hard. Here's my advice, being an insider, as to what I would do if I could play. Good luck!

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1. Download the Mix App--you're going to get an automatic entry just for downloading the app...but, we also send out bonus code words for additional entries.

2. Join the Mix 94.9 mailing list--you'll earn one entry, but after the contest you'll get awesome insider info about contests and things happening right here in central Minnesota!

3. Follow Mix on Twitter--This will score you one entry.

4. Like Mix on Facebook--just liking our page will get you one entry! Then, you'll get awesome local content even after the contest is over!

5. Collect as many code words on the Mix App that you can--each code is worth a different amount of entries. Some days they're worth one, sometimes they're worth two and some codes are worth THREE. Make sure you're collecting them all!

6. Build your team--if I were playing along, I'd get my family and friends to play along too. I'd make them agree to split the winnings with me if they win. The more people you have playing for you, the better chances you have to win. Get your family in on could be fun!

Just a reminder that it's winner take all! If you win you'll get a $250 gift card to all of these places;


  • Mixin' It Up Gluten Free Bakery
  • Hair Ink
  • Andes Tower Hills
  • Guadalajara Mexican restaurant
  • The Nordic Brewing Company
  • Riddle's Jewelry
  • Avon Cabin Cafe
  • Minnesota Recreational Rentals
  • Fizard's Aquatics & Exotics
  • Revolver Studios
  • Color City Pottery


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