The Minnesota State Fair just got a whole lot funnier.

A few months ago, my two sisters, brother-in-law, wife and I were all at my parent's place in IL for a weekend. My youngest sister and brother-in-law were playing ping pong, and I was flipping through channels on TV. I stopped on a show I'd never heard of called "Impractical Jokers," where these four funny guys did pranks together or pulled pranks on each other. They were hilarious! The three of us not playing ping pong couldn't stop laughing, and before long my sister and brother-in-law had joined us, too. We watched episode after episode of their ridiculous stunts and antics.

I remember in one challenge, they were paired up with each other in a grocery store. One guy would have to steal an item from a shopper's cart, then throw it over his head backwards to the other guy across the aisle who was waiting to catch it and put it in his own cart. Generally, they tried to steal small items that could be thrown easily. But in one final dare, one guy grabbed a watermelon and threw it over his head. It didn't make it across the aisle and splattered all over the floor. We nearly peed our pants laughing.


Turns out, the guys of Impractical Jokers are a comedy troupe out of New York called The Tenderloins, and they've been added to the 2018 Summer schedule for the MN State Fair.

They're set to perform Thursday, August 30 at 8:00pm at the Grand Stand. Tickets go on sale this Friday, March 9 at noon. Watch the couple episodes below and get your tickets before they're gone!

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