I usually don't recommend shows to watch, but I recently started watching the new Netflix show 'The Circle'. It's a reality show similar to CBS's Big Brother but instead of contestants interacting with each other in person, the players interact on social media.

You're probably thinking, 'how in the world can you make social media interactions exciting enough to be a TV show?' I thought the same thing--and wow, am I ever glad I gave the show a chance.

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I don't want to spoil anything, but the show is full of drama, mystery, betrayal, twists, big personalities and intuition, trust and faith. The players, who have never met each other in person, all have online profiles. They can choose who they want to be online--switch genders, ages, pretend they're someone or something they're not. The players live in the same apartment complex but are each confined to their own apartment space. The only human interaction they have is through their online profiles with other contestants.

As the game progresses, some players start to get close with each other, which makes things complicated if they're putting on a fake persona to the group or catfishing the other players.

They vote on who to block from the group each week, usually its the person they think is being disingenuous, similar to being voted off the island in 'Survivor'. After the vote, they get to find out if they were being lied to or if the person was in fact who they said they were.

Four new episodes roll out to Netflix every Wednesday. Right now, there's only 4 episodes available to watch, so there's still time to catch up. It's a super good show, take my word for it! I've got my viewing snacks ready!

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