My husband is the big baseball fan in my family. He's been waiting for the Twins to be in the playoffs since he was in elementary school. So, of course we're going to the game tonight! It's their first playoff game at home since the '90s.

There's a lot on the line tonight. If the Twins lose, their season is over. If they win, they play again on Tuesday night. It's a best of five series against the Yankees. The Twins have already lost two, they need to win all three in order to advance.

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Tonight's game is going to be an intense nail biter for Twins fans. I know I'll end up eating all of my feelings because Target Field unveiled a list of special food options for the playoffs only. Lucky me! I've been living off of liquids today to make room in my stomach for all of the food I hope to consume tonight.

Check out all of the new food options here.

So, my husband is going for the baseball, and I'm a bandwagon Twins fan that's really excited to be trying all of the new foods. Whatever your motivation is for going to the game or watching it at home tonight, #GOTWINS!

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