I've been having an internal debate with myself...is it too early to decorate for Christmas? The answer is definitely, YES. It's way too early. But, I felt the Christmas spirit early.

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On Saturday I decided I'd clear out the crawl space and find my Christmas decorations...you know, just to prepare...a few weeks ahead of time.

xmas 6

They were all accounted for an piled up in a corner in my living room. I must have walked by the pile 10 times throughout the day. I kept thinking about how fun it would be to decorate everything and how ready I felt because of how cold it was.

Then it happened....it started snowing lightly outside. I took it as a sign! I put on a Christmas movie and bam! I thought to myself, 'you only live once'.

I ran to the basement and grabbed the decorations...the rest is history. You only live once...so do what makes you happy. Who cares if we haven't celebrated Thanksgiving yet? If you're feeling that Christmas joy in July, you do you!

P.S. I'll still be celebrating Thanksgiving on Thanksgiving...I'm not skipping it just because my house is ready for Santa. My turkey eating pants are ready!

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