The Adjustment Bureau

Starring: Matt Damon, Emily Blunt

Summary: Is our destiny pre-determined or do we have free will to decide our own fate? In this movie Matt Damon is a man who inadvertently pulls back the veil on reality and discovers the agents of fate. These men are in charge of keeping people on their paths by influencing events and even our minds.

David Norris (Damon) is a political candidate on the rise. He is ambitious and completely devoted to his career until one day he meets Elise (Blunt), a beautiful ballet dancer who turns his world upside down. The two are instantly attracted to each other but their romance is not a part of the master plan. That’s when the adjustment team is sent in to keep them apart. David learns that if they stay together they will never achieve success in their lives and that it’s best if they stay apart. Years go by but David and Elise can’t stop thinking about each other. Finally, David decides he’s had enough and decides to take destiny into his own hands.

Matt Damon is sweet and charming and Emily Blunt is flirty and sensual. They have great chemistry on-screen, which makes the love story believable. While this movie isn’t religious per-se it does have a sense of spirituality to it. At the center of it all is a beautiful love story that asks us how far are we willing to go for the ones we love?  Grade:  B

Trivia: The ending in this film is an alternate ending. The original ending was re-shot 4 months after the movie was completed

Rated: PG-13 – For brief language, sexuality, and violence