Minnesotans have very interesting taste buds. I have friends from college who are from other states. I've told them about some of my Christmas appetizer traditions and they think it's weird and gross. They just don't get it, ya know?

I usually get strange looks when I tell people who aren't from here that I make Minnesota Sushi every year. They're like, 'what the heck is that?' I'm always so excited to tell someone what it is, and wait for their reaction. I'll admit, it probably does sound gross to someone who hasn't grown up on it.


Minnesota Sushi is essentially a pickle rolled up in a spread of cream cheese and ham. You cut them up to resemble sushi rolls. The popular Minnesota appetizer, pictured above, is a sloppy demonstration I made in studio. My photo definitely doesn't do them justice.

It's the easiest thing to make, which is why I usually make it every year. But, you CAN mess them up. The first few years I made these I made the mistake of not getting square ham and spreadable cream cheese. Hence, the photo above. Your ham shape matters...so does the spread-ability of your cream cheese.

This is so popular, I'm usually attacked at the door at every holiday party. People can't get enough of them.

Pickles, ham and cream cheese, who'd have thunk...it almost has all of the food groups. I could live off of those things.

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