Yesterday, we all got blasted by winter storm, that dropped around 15-inches of snow on us. Like you, I was dreading going home to shovel that much snow. We have a snow blower, but for the second straight winter, we can not figure out why it won't start.

Lucky for us, we're surrounded by great neighbors. Even the ones we don't know.

As I just started shoveling the snow, I scooped maybe two or three shovels full when a lady stopped at the end of my driveway. I'm thinking maybe she's lost and needs directions, but it turns out, she's my neighbor. Her home is just kitty corner from us, we have never met, and she did something extremely nice.

The very "Minnesota Nice" neighbor, who I still don't know her name, told me to go over to her garage and get her snow blower cause "that snow is too heavy for anybody". I was taken back a little. I didn't know such great people, STRANGERS, were still around.

We are in debt to our neighbor we haven't met, yet, but we will. Maybe a nice supper is order for this mystery neighbor.

Oh, I didn't catch her name because between her telling me to use her snow blower and by the time I got done, she was still gone at a meeting she needed to be at.

You can't pick your neighbors, but we got lucky with a couple blocks of great ones.