Betty Danger's Country Club is now Betty Danger's Animal Farm. There are no animals, except for the ones that may come served on your plate.

If you've ever driven through NE Minneapolis before you've probable seen or even been to Betty Danger's Country Club -- an oddly whimsical bar/restaurant with a Ferris Wheel out front and mini golf out back.

Inside, the place is decorated with an undefinable theme of hodgepodge trinkets and paraphernalia. During winter, the place gets a the most visually-overstimulating Christmas makeover you've ever seen.

Last year -- due to a hard year related to COVID -- Betty Danger's Country Club was list for sale and put on the market. Now, however, it seems Betty Danger's has quietly re-opened -- not as a country club but as an "animal farm."

Betty Danger's Animal Farm "is a campy dystopian and politically inspired bar/restaurant serving delicious cocktails (and beer), a vertically revolving patio (a ferris wheel with tables), putt-putt, and animal-farm-to-table food," reads the website. "It is part bar, part art, part restaurant, part amusement for ADULTS and mature young adults." The website goes on to describe the revamped Minneapolis icon as "a satirical artistic interpretation of Orwell’s Animal Farm and 1984."

Addressing why Betty Danger's reopened, the website reads, "Betty had a bad year and was very sad.  Very sad.  She became a little upset in her inability to properly make people’s lives a little less dull that year.  Viruses and virus policies and panic pornography caused her a bit of a meltdown.  Now, she’s back with her magical mayhem and tart lemonade."

The menu will continue to feature margaritas, beer and just about every alcoholic beverage conceivable as well as food; they describe their menu has half "Animalism" and half "Vegetablism."

See the new Betty Danger's website here or follow on Facebook or Instagram.

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