I've known about ice fishing since I was a kid, but never had the chance to go ice fishing until I moved back to Minnesota, and went for my first time this year.  I've discovered that ice fishing isn't just about the fishing.   It's a lot of fun whether you catch fish or not. Here's a list of things you can do while ice fishing:

  • COOK- If you're ice house has a stove, it's a great time to cook up a meal for a few.  Try out your ice camping cooking techniques.


  • EAT- Even if you don't cook, you have plenty of time to sit, and sit, and sit, and eat, and eat, and eat. If you're watching your weight, better bring a bag of salad, rather than the preferred bag o chips.


  • DRINK-  I think this is self explanatory.


  • WATCH TV- I found this to be incredibly relaxing, since I typically don't have the time to watch television...there was ALL kinds of time in the ice house.


  • READ-  If you like to read?  It's peaceful...non eventful place to sit back and relax...read a great book, while waiting for a great catch.


  • HOBBIES:  So if you knit, or cross stich, or like to color?  As long as your hobby doesn't take up a bunch of room (No scrapbooking) it's  a great place to get it done.


  • TALK-  Getting together with a great friend and going ice fishing allows you to catch up, and have a great conversation.


  • GET STUCK-  Watch out for snow drifts...or you'll have a great day of all this, and end it with a great night of all THIS!  (See Below)


Kelly Cordes February 2014
Kelly Cordes February 2014


I think in an 8 hour period of time, Todd and I did plenty of talking, eating, watching tv, and having a great time.  We unfortunately DIDN'T catch anything all day...That is...Until we left.  We caught the truck on a huge snow drift and although we made mighty efforts with our shovels to dig ourselves out, had to call friends for a polar rescue, so to speak.

We might not have caught a fish today, but catching the drift was impressive enough!