Sometimes I wonder how my mom did it. When I was a kid it seemed like my mom could do everything. She used to sew our Halloween costumes, make cute birthday party decorations, cook up the best food, cater family get togethers...and make Mickey Mouse shaped pancakes for us. She made it all look so easy.

My son Charlie just turned 20 months old yesterday. He's obsessed with Mickey Mouse and he's kind of a picky eater. I thought if I made Mickey Mouse shaped blueberry pancakes like my mom used to, then maybe he'd eat them.


I realized really quickly that it wasn't as easy as it seemed. I thought it would be a matter of pouring batter into the pan--one big circle and two smaller circles for the ears. NOPE....batter doesn't pour out into a perfect circle. My pancakes ended up looking a little awkward.

I tried using a metal circle cookie cutter to help keep the shape. Then, the batter started sticking to the metal. Some moms make it look easy...I'm not one of those moms.

They didn't look that great, but it worked and my son ate his blueberry pancakes. So, it wasn't a total failure. They look better from far away.

Did your mom make these kinds of things look easy when you were a kid? If you're a super mom, how did you learn your 'super mom' skills?


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