My husband Dave is a huge Vikings fan, and when you're around someone who loves the team as much as he does, it starts to rub off on you. Since my son Charlie was born, Dave has been itching to take him to a Vikings game.


This Saturday, we finally made the trip to U.S. Bank Stadium for a pre-season game as our little family of three. It was definitely an interesting day. My son did a lot of cheering, clapping and yelling 'Go Vikings!"  If you're going to the game to do some serious football watching, I'd probably leave your 1-year-old at home with a babysitter. He definitely enjoyed all of the chaos before the game, but once the game started, not even french fries could hold his attention. Despite his eventual disinterest in the game, we did manage to capture some cute moments we'll have forever!

How old were you when you attended your first Vikings game? I was 26.

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