It probably makes sense to those of you who know me, that I'm a professional voice artist. That just means that I use my voice for everything that I do. I'm a singer, broadcaster, Emcee, and provide voicings for documentaries, answering machine services, characters for various get the idea.

Every now and then, I receive an impossible request. I can sometimes sense when there's an individual who hasn't completely envisioned their project, quite the way they are projecting it to others.

I had one such client this past Friday. I received a fairly reasonable request, to complete a short project within 24 hours. I was given some instruction and took my best shot at what the client was looking for. I always try to predict what the client is looking for, and 9 times out of 10 I can do that. But quite obviously, I read this person ALL wrong!


Hi there. Please price the following with rush turnaround. Will supply direction upon gig completion.

PS I like that you've done local businesses as this one fits the bill.  Thanks!


Thank you for contacting me. I will open your file when I get to the studio around 6 pm central time. Do you know the word count? If so I can give you a figure now.:grinning:I could probably complete this tonight.


I then provided the completed project.They asked me for a re -do. I made a second attempt. Then they wanted me to try again with this instruction.

I think it's way better but remember this is for an animated video not for a radio ad. Have some more fun with this. No holds barred! Your voice will make the animation even better! Right now all I can picture is an attractive bespeckled woman in a fancy evening gown. This is t-shirt, jeans and barefoot read! Hope this helps.

Okay...fundraiser gala for a few hours. I'm on my way there now. But when I get back I will I have Day tomorrow to get your just what you want. I'm still laughing. LOL.

I appreciate you wanting this to be just right.

You really ought to see a doctor about that laughter thing.... I'm not so tough as my audience will be: over 45 ex-New Yorkers who say: entertain me, I've seen everything, sound good I've heard everything, do for me even though it's impossible to please me. (Yah really gotta give a 'read of your life' read or I might as well be setting up that chair and rope.... And enjoy a glass of wine, why don't you? You have the client's permission. Drink now. Talk now. Mix tomorrow.
I then got up Saturday morning, and proceeded about 5 more attempts at delivering a product with a sound I thought he might be looking for. Shortly after I sent the last file, I received a note that the order was accepted, and they had given me a 5 star rating, which is the highest you can get on this particular site. BUT....they said "Great effort!"

I'm just curious if this was what you were looking for? Thank you for the 5 star review.  I would be disappointed if I did not deliver what you asked for. I want to constantly improve, and your input is very important to me.  Please let me know what I could do to make your experience better.  I appreciate the opportunity to work with you.

Then...the kick in the teeth came.....

I'm looking for someone who is clearly not you. Someone who does more that sit in front of a mic and who indiscriminately and with neither the interest nor the talent simply blurts out words. THAT'S what I'm looking for.

OUCH!  Tact? None. Honesty? Too much. What would you do? I took the high road and left this message:

If you would... when you find the right voice artist and complete this project, would you send me a copy? I truly want to improve, and maybe if I hear the final product, I'll have an 'Aha' moment. I appreciate your honesty.  Warmest Regards.

A little later in the day I received another urgent request; this time for a realtor. I completed the work, received a 5 star review:

This lady's work took my breathe away! Incredibly professional work delivered with speed and precision way beyond my expectation and that's saying something since I'm a bit of a perfectionist. Thank you so much for everything! I will be back for more.


If only that second individual knew how they made my day. I've learned a valuable lesson; do your best always; but realize your best may not be recognized by someone else. Keep moving forward!


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