I just realized this weekend that I have a passion for interior decorating, though I don't think I'm any good at it.

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My birthday is coming up this week--I'm going to be 28-years-old. I always start getting a little reflective around my birthday. I realized a few things in all of my soul searching this past weekend.

The first was that I didn't have a staple hobby. Some people have sports. Some people craft for a hobby or build things. Some people work on cars. I don't have that one thing that I do that defines me.

The second thing I learned about myself is that I know nothing about decorating. I'm going to be 28 years old and my house looks like a college dorm. My husband and I have been talking about buying a new home--but, I don't think our house is the problem...it's the decor (or lack there of).

I've been on Pinterest gathering inspiration lately and I realized decorating is an art form...and that's a skill I do not have.

There are so many tutorials that claim they'll 'teach you how' to stage your home...And, all of them say you need to deep clean and organize your house.

But, I want to know what colors, patterns and textures go good together...I literally need someone to tell me what to do.

Like, how are people just supposed to know this stuff?

I definitely missed that day in school.

So, I finally decided to dive right in.

I had no idea what to get at the store...so I started grabbing everything.

When I got home, I realized I spent a lot of money but I didn't get enough decor for the space.

So, now I'm back on Pinterest trying to find out where I went wrong.

But, oddly enough, I am actually enjoying the process...

I might have actually stumbled on to something.


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