The "i like you" wall at the the i like you store in Minneapolis has been named one of Minnesota's two most popular Instagram locations.

Buzzfeed recently asked people to name the most popular Instagram location in their own state.

According to Minnesotans, the most popular locations for snagging Insta-worthy photos are the I Like You wall and the top of the Foshay tower.

While both certainly neat locations, I was surprised these were named the most popular Instagram locations. I mean, in a state filled with the best of arts, architecture, history and outdoors, how can you narrow it down to just one or two places?

I put together my own list of what I think are some of Minnesota's most Instagrammable places:

1. First Avenue Wall of Stars
You're not a true Minnesotan if you don't recognize the wall of stars at First Ave.

2. Spoonbridge and Cherry Sculpture
Another icon of Minnesota is the Walker Art Center's Spoonbridge and Cherry Sculpture, completed in 1988.

3. The Basilica of St. Mary
The beauty of the Basilica in Minneapolis definitely makes it one of Minnesota's most Instagram-worthy locations.

4. Duluth Aerial Bridge
Pick a spot near the Aerial Bridge in Duluth and just about anything in any direction will make for a great photo.

5. Split Rock Lighthouse, Two Harbors
There are any number of recognizable and photo-worthy lighthouses around Minnesota, but perhaps none as much so as this view of Split Rock Lighthouse in Two Harbors.

6. Taylors Falls
As far as nature goes, Taylor's Falls has plenty to offer for photos sure to rack up Insta-likes.

7. Franconia Sculpture Garden
Not far away from Taylor's Falls is one of Minnesota's most recognizable -- and bizarre -- sculpture gardens.

This list certainly isn't exhaustive. What else would you add as one of Minnesota's most Instagrammable locations?

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