It’s been a tough winter for my family and I. Yours too, right? One of those winters where you want to fly away to a warm sand beach somewhere for a month.

Well, we didn’t have the airfare OR a month. But we are close to a number of water parks here in Central Minnesota. And me – being the water park fan that I am – had been wanting to check out The Big Splash Indoor Water Park at the Arrowwood Resort and Conference Center in Alexandria.

I’m a big fan of hotels and resorts that feature water parks, and from the pictures below, you will see they didn’t disappoint.  I like water parks where both the kids and I can enjoy it together.  Sometimes you’ll get to a water park that tends to lean a little older, so it was nice to see a balance between the two.

Plus, put me on an inner tube with a cocktail in my hand and suddenly our Central Minnesota winter seems a lot more bearable.

Trying to get my daughter out of the water park on the other hand, took some bribery and begging to accomplish.  (I’m sure plenty of you parents can feel my pain.)

No, it wasn't a month-long adventure on a Caribbean island – but it WAS a nice weekend getaway to help forget, at least for a few hours, how crappy this winter has been.

What’s YOUR strategy for keeping sane during our harsh winter?  Share your day trip or weekend cabin fever-busting ideas below in the comment section.


Chad Taylor


Chad Taylor


Chad Taylor