My husband's grandmother passed away on the 4th of July. It got me to thinking about my own great grandmother and how we don't have many photos of our five generations. Yes, my son's grandma's grandma is alive and doing well--she's 91, which is pretty young for a great great grandmother! Her name is Mary, her daughter is Kathy, Kathy's daughter  is Terri, Terri is my mother and my son is Charlie--5 generations.


My mom decided to get everyone together this weekend to take photos with each other. I'm really happy we were able to nab this picture! My great grandmother has 10 children who are all alive and well...we asked her how many grandchildren she has, and she's not sure. She thinks it's more than 80. We tried to name and count everyone but we lost count.

I think it's pretty rare to have a 5 generation photo...but, maybe I'm wrong? Send us your multiple generation photos!

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