This past weekend started out pretty rocky. I walked out of my house Saturday morning to find the drivers door of my car wide open, and the inside completely torn apart. My center counsel was wide open, the glove box contents were all over the floor and front seats, and my gym bag was dumped out and strewn every where across the car.

I immediately woke up my boyfriend to see if he had gone through my car when he got home late Friday night, but he hadn't, and it turned out that his truck had been gone through too. The thieves didn't take anything from his truck, but from my car they got my Beats headphones and a pair of Apple headphones as well.

When I called to file the police report it turns out we weren't the only victims. I was the 10th call from the area reporting the same crimes and they already had the teenage suspects returned to their parents. The cop was also nice enough to tell me that she saw my headphones in the back seat of the car they were getting a search warrant for. Now lets just hope I get them back.

I live in a super quiet housing development in Sauk Rapids. There are a lot of families with small children that live on our street and everyone leaves their cars out at night. We have lived there for about 8 months now and nothing like this has ever happened in that time. We are considering ourselves lucky that no real damage was done to our vehicles, and that our house wasn't broken into. This experience just proves that bad things can happen at home any time and it is a good lesson to keep doors on houses and cars always locked, no matter how safe you think the neighborhood is.

Abbey Minke, Townsquare Media
Abbey Minke, Townsquare Media



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