Dave and I bought our house in 2014. My first impression of our house was that it was perfect for us, except, I hated the ugly green color in the kitchen.


I told Dave that if we bought the house we would certainly be painting right away. Well, fast forward nearly three and-a-half years and the ugly green color is still on the walls. Or, at least it was until Sunday afternoon.

I've been spending a lot of time on Pinterest looking at kitchen remodel projects, gathering ideas for how I want our kitchen to look. I decided that a nice gray color would look good on our walls. I.WAS.WRONG.

It was way too dark for our kitchen and it looked weird with our oak wood. So, I sent Dave back to store to get a lighter gray. I asked him to get greige. I thought I knew what I was talking about, but I was wrong again. It turned out to be more of a cream color.

I gave up on trying to find that perfect gray color, so we painted our walls that weird greige color and decided to be done with it.

After looking back at the pictures, I do like the dark gray color now. I'm never going to paint anything again. At least it looks better than the ugly green color that we had.

What's your Pinterest fail?

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