I was born and raised in the St. Cloud area and consider myself to be as 'Minnesotan' as they come. I've had many friends and family members go to Valley Fair over the years and talk about how awesome it is.

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My high school science class would sometimes take spring field trips to the theme park--and yet, twenty seven years have gone by and up until yesterday I had NEVER been to Valley Fair. People have made fun of me for not going, or would act shocked or surprised when I'd confess I've never been there and have no clue what that 'Corkscrew' was.

I'm not really a ride person, so I never really had an interest in going. I had a work field trip to the park yesterday and, wow, it was a blast! I can't believe it's taken me 27 years to go.

I mostly enjoyed the water park area but I was blown away by how many rides, activities and different food options there were. I'd highly recommend taking the kids to Valley Fair for the day and not waiting 27 years to do so! I'd for sure go again in a heartbeat!

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