I've been sharing updates with you on my journey toward health and fitness. I've been eating PERFECTLY and working out on a regular basis. This has been my new life routine since January 14th, 2019. As of yesterday, the competition was over and I lost 17 pounds, gained muscle and I feel better than I've felt in forever.

I haven't slipped up once...unless you count the night that my husband Dave and I played board games and each debated whether we sneak a handful of my son's Charlie's Cheez It crackers. Yes, we did that--and yes, they were good. #NoRegrets

My Friday nights usually consisted of playing board games with my husband after Charlie went to sleep. We'd stay up talking about all of the food we missed eating and what our first 'victory meal' was going to look like the day we were able to indulge our sweet tooth again.


Well, after nearly four months of dieting, exercising and saying NO to every treat I was offered (minus those glorious Cheez Its), I was finally able to have my celebration dinner last night.

Nothing sounded better than a Chicago-style deep dish pizza loaded with cheese and sauce. Of course, in my family you can't have pizza without chicken wings--they go hand in hand.

My husband picked up the pizza and it was finally time for my moment of truth. I was finally going to CRUSH that pizza I've been dreaming of. I grabbed a slice, threw it on my plate and ate, it standing up, like some kind of barbarian. People, I've been waiting FOUR MONTHS for this moment. There was zero chance I was going to take the extra five seconds to sit down. I mean, I didn't even take a cute picture of my slice for Instagram, so you know this was serious.

And, then, it happened. I felt full...after just ONE SLICE. "Yes, Ashli," as my mom would say. "That's what happens when you eat." Well, yes, I know that...but the old me would have started with one piece as an appetizer. Come on! I was planning to eat half of that pizza totally and utterly guilt free. And, the funny thing is, my husband felt the same way after crushing his slice. To be honest, it wasn't as exciting of a moment as I had built up in my head. I remember thinking that I've had better tasting healthier foods with way more flavor.

At least now, that little 'junk food monster' inside of me can finally quiet down. I indulged and realized it wasn't everything I'd been dreaming of. So, today I'm back on track toward maintaining my health and wellness.

If anything, my 'victory meal' experience showed me how far I've come in the last four months. Why am I sharing this with you? Because, if I can go through such a dramatic transformation with my eating habits in four months, friends, I know you can too!

If you're looking to get back into health, or just get into health for the first time, go for it! You've got nothing but weight and bad habits to lose. You've got this!

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