Do you ever have that dream where you show up to work in your pajamas? I've had that dream a few times in my life and I've also had a few close encounters in real life.

This morning, that nightmare was made a reality. I was helping my husband get my son ready for the day, trying to pack my work lunch and get myself out of the house for work.


 We couldn't find my son's winter hat anywhere...then, I realized; 'oh crap! The hat is in my car'. I threw on my old, ratty, warn out garage slippers and grabbed the hat. These are the slippers that I throw on my feet when I'm running to the mailbox quick to check the mail and I don't have time to put on actual shoes. These are the slippers I wore in our basement when it was under construction. There's drywall dust on them and everything. These are the shoes I throw on when I'm sweeping out the garage or cleaning my car. They look distressed.

I ran back into the house, put the hat on my son, kissed my husband goodbye, finished packing my lunch and ran out of the house.

I shut the garage door and started my route. I got halfway to work and noticed that something didn't feel right. My feet felt slippery, warm and just off. I also noticed my foot was heavier on the gas than normal. All at once I noticed that my garage slippers were still on my feet.

At this point, I was faced with a decision; do I go back home and risk being super late for work...or do I tough it out and own my mistake? I decided to go to work and own it.

I was so embarrassed. Today is one of those days where I'm so happy I work in radio and I didn't have to dress to impress anyone.

Have you ever accidentally worn something you shouldn't have to work?

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