Let me start out by saying I'm a huge germaphobe. The thought of eating something on its expiration date grosses me out, let alone something that expired a year and a half ago.

Yes, I ate expired food from a year and a half ago. I've been on a health kick lately--gathering inspiration for recipes from Pinterest. I stumbled upon a zucchini boat buffalo chicken dish that I wanted to try.

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I ran through my fridge, realized I had all of the ingredients and I got busy cooking. It smelled really great coming out of the oven and it even tasted amazing! I was really impressed with my Pinterest meal. I ate the whole thing.

A short time later I felt my stomach start to gurgle and something didn't feel quite right. I thought about everything in the recipe and what could possibly make me feel ill, as everything in the recipe was fresh...except for ONE THING.

I realized that I couldn't recall the last time I bought buffalo sauce from the store. I started panicking and feeling even worse. I asked my husband, who was in the kitchen, to look at the expiration date of the hot sauce...IT EXPIRED IN EARLY 2017.

I knew this was for sure the cause of my queasiness. I couldn't believe I hadn't even thought to check the date! I immediately went online to see what happened to others who ate old hot sauce. The general consensus online is that sauces can sometimes last years after their expiration date because of all of the preservatives.

After I read that, I started to relax a little bit. Almost immediately I started to feel better. So, was my queasiness all in my head? Maybe. But, it was a close call. Have you ever eaten really expired food before?

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